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Inheriting Leadership

By Davon Baynes, Mobile Farmer Market Assistant

April 8, 2015

DSC_6584Last week was hard to actually realize that Tyler Brown is gone from the farm. It’s still a big transition for me, because now I see how much responsibility has been laid on my shoulders. With the Mobile Farmers Market starting back up and with new members coming in, I have to step up and show that I am a leader. And being one of the farm team member who has been around the longest, I feel like I can accept more responsibility for the farm and in the community.

Tyler was a great leader for the farm: always willing to learn about something he didn’t already know and teach a skill he had learned so everyone else could be on board. He always stayed on top of things…even though somethings took some time, it always got done. I know I may not be able to fill Tyler’s shoes…but I will try them on.

I’m pretty sure I speak for all of the members by saying: We miss you and wish you blessings and more as you move on to your next adventure. Shout outs to Tyler Brown: a friend, a farmer, and a leader.

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