Where are you located?

2801 St Lo Drive, Baltimore MD 21213
We are in Clifton Park near the old Lake Clifton High School.

How can I get your produce?

We are at Govan’s Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 3pm-6pm during June through September. Or you could become a CSA member and get fresh produce on a schedule that works for you. For qualifying individuals, we also have the Affordable Produce Delivery Program.

Where can I sign up for your CSA?


How do I get an Affordable Produce Delivery Program Box?

If you are 55 or older and a resident of Baltimore City or Civic Works partnered CSI Co-Ops call 410-826-5955 ext 600 on Mondays starting at 9am to hear what is going to be included in this weeks $5 box. Call early because we are first come, first serve and we sell out fast!

What should I make with all these tasty fruits and vegetables?

Check out our Recipe Bank for all kinds of tasty inspiration and instructions!

Can I come pet Bucket the Senior Pest Specialist?

Right now we are not open to the public due to COVID-19 protocol, but we are accepting volunteers!

How can I volunteer with you?

We have plenty of options for volunteers depending on your availability!

On Mondays we could use help calling our Affordable Produce Delivery Program Box recipients to make sure everything is good to go for them to receive their box later in the week.
Wednesdays are open for folks to volunteer with Farmer Stu or to help Kai and the Distribution Team pack up the boxes.
Thursdays and Fridays we need volunteer drivers to get produce to seniors.

Email our volunteer coordinator, Becka Lee at blee@civicworks.com to find out more and get signed up!

Is your produce Certified Organic?

Technically, we cannot be USDA Certified Organic because we do not own the land that we grow on. With that said, if you have any specific questions about the fertilizers we use or our pest control methods then please feel free to send them our way!

I have a question about…

… your farming practices: Please contact our Farm Manager Stuart Jones sjones@civicworks.com

… purchasing produce: Please contact our Food Distribution and Outreach Manger Kai Rundquist krundquist@civicworks.com

…volunteering: Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Becka Lee blee@civicworks.com 

…anything else: Please email us at rffcommunity@civicwork.com and we will forward your question to the right person!