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Youth Crew 2015 – Day 10

For our first off-farm experience together, Youth Crew headed out to Moveable Feast. We learned from their Development Director, Mary K. DiUbaldo, about how Moveable Feast provides nutritious foods and other services in order to preserve quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions. (Sabriel looks pretty awesome at the head of the board table!)IMG_20151107_094415945In the Moveable Feast kitchen, we got a taste of a commercial kitchen environment. Food safety starts with properly washed hands and clean gloves. This is especially important when preparing food that will be delivered to clients with compromised immune systems. We suited up in in aprons and hair nets, too!




Chef Demetrius told us how he got into the food service industry working in kitchens in New York City and worked his way up to become the Director of Food Service at Moveable Feast. He then got us started on our kitchen task – peeling carrots!

IMG_20151107_100006224_HDRLook at that carrot! This led us to an interesting discussion about what we can do with the “funky” looking foods – they don’t have to look perfect to be healthy. But, we also wondered what kind of fertilizers went into the soil to grow such a large root…


So much peeling…IMG_20151107_103802263…our hands turned orange!


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