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Youth Crew 2015 – Day 15

Today’s Youth Crew session started with the classic team building game – The Human Knot! Participants grab hands with two other people across the circle to form a knot and then try to untangle themselves without letting go. It can be quite a challenge as people are pulling in different directions if they’re not communicating well! Truth be told, our crew gave up the first time, but with some encouragement tried it again and succeeded.

Look at how excited they were when they untangled themselves!

For snack we turned to another classic, trail mix. Of course we couldn’t just eat it – we took time to learn about the role and sources of protein and fat in our diets, read the nutrition labels on our ingredients, and then made our own mixes!


Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of healthy fats and protein. A little chocolate doesn’t hurt, either!


The rest of our session was dedicated to playing Food System Jeopardy, where we tested our crew’s knowledge on topics related to farming, money, health, sanitation, and nutrition. This is a sneaky way for us to see how much the crew has absorbed over the semester, but also a good way to introduce facts in a fun way – the competition certainly keeps everyone entertained! You’ll see the jeopardy board game around town over the year as Youth Crew members take on the role of community educators at health events around the city!


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