Mobile Farmers Market

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The Mobile Farmers Market is our primary tool for bringing out food into nearby communities existing in food environments otherwise lacking easy access to fresh, healthy produce. During the market season – which runs from May through December – our Mobile Farmers Market team hosts neighborhood markets, market stops, and makes home deliveries of fresh, local, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Market Stops & Neighborhood Markets

You can find the Mobile Farmers Market at local community gathering locations throughout Baltimore city such as schools, offices, residential communities, libraries, community centers, etc. Our market stops generally last for 30-45 minutes, depending on site demand. Our neighborhood markets last longer than our market stops but only take place throughout the summer and early fall. These markets are often located in high-traffic public areas and community gathering spaces, such as the popular summer hang-out at Lake Montebello.

Our Market is closed for the 2018 season. We’ll see you again in Spring 2019!

Home Deliveries

We know that sometimes it’s easiest if we come to you, so we’ve allowed time for us to do exactly that! Deliveries are generally made Tuesday through Thursday, but we do sometimes make exceptions depending on the circumstances. And as long as you (or you AND your neighbors!) purchase a minimum of $10 of produce, there is no delivery charge. We restrict home delivery service to neighborhoods near our markets, so please check in with us by calling 443-531-8346 or emailing if you are interested but unsure if you fit within our service area.

Opportunities to Save

We’ll be offering Double Dollars again this year at our Mobile Farmers Market stops. For every $1 spent using your EBT (Independence), Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program vouchers, or WIC Fruit & Vegetable Checks we’ll give you an additional $1 worth of produce. We’re able to match sales up to $10.

A Guide to Mobile Farmer’s Markets

We believe Mobile Farmer’s Market programs are unique ways farmers and organizations are able to get food directly to consumers who may not be able to participate in traditional markets. During Fall 2016, we put together a Guide to Mobile Farmer’s Markets based on our six years of experience operating a Mobile Farmer’s Market program. This guide was written for groups or individuals who are considering opening their own Mobile Farmer’s Market or those who are looking to learn more about our specific program. There are many similar programs throughout the United States and we hope this guide is helpful in answering any questions about their operations and effectiveness. You can view and download our Guide to Mobile Farmer’s Markets here!