Our Clifton Site

Street Address: 2801 Saint Lo Drive Baltimore, MD 21213

In 2008, we broke ground in Clifton Park and began Real Food Farm. Since then we’ve grown to cover about 6 acres of land in the park. This site is home to 8 hoophouses, 4 outdoor fields, a sensory garden, and 100+ fruit trees. We’ve also built an education/events pavilion and a small greenhouse for our seedlings. As a resource for other urban farms, this site is also home to a large gas-heated greenhouse and solar-powered walk-in refrigerator that is used by ourselves and other members of  the Farm Alliance of Baltimore City!

This site is home to our seasonal produce subscription program (or CSA), our Compost Co-op, and many other special events that can be found on our public calendar here.


Site Map Coming Soon!

Our Perlman Site

Street Address: 1950 Perlman Place Baltimore, MD 21213

In 2014, we expanded our growing space by taking on a collection of vacant lots around the corner from Clifton Park. We now have about 2 acres of growing space on Perlman Place Avenue off North Avenue. In partnership with the Civic Works Community Lot Team, we developed this space into a hub of activity.

We created 2 production fields which were enriched by adding compost and growing special plants (cover crops) that are able to take nutrients/elements from the air and store it in their roots so it feeds the soil (i.e. buckwheat, clover, rye grass, sorghum). We installed perennial beds to help reduce our stormwater runoff, attract pollinators, and beautify the farm. Civic Works Baltimore Orchard Project also helped us plant an orchard containing 46 fig trees, 10 Asian pears, and 4 Asian persimmons. This site is also home to our Community Garden and Croppy Hour Volunteer Day!