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Employers-of-National-Service-MemberWe have a variety of positions available throughout the year, especially during early fall and early spring. For example, nearly every fall we generally seek applicants to fill positions for Field Manager, Production Assistant, and Education Assistant while each spring we seek applicants to fill positions for Production Assistant and our Mobile Market team. We also have unpaid internships available year-round. See below for open positions, but check back often for updates!

Current Openings


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AmeriCorps Community Cooking Educator

Estimated Start and End Date:  April 4, 2017– Sept. 26, 2017

AmeriCorps Service Term: 450 Hours

Position Summary:

Real Food Farm is hiring two Community Cooking Educators for the 2017 season. Community Cooking Educators plan and lead cooking demonstrations throughout Baltimore. The goal of cooking demonstrations is to share easy and healthy ways to prepare and enjoy seasonal produce. Becoming a Community Cooking Educator is a great way to grow your skills as a chef and comfort level with public speaking!

The Community Cooking Educator position requires 25 hours per week during the length of their term.

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AmeriCorps Mobile Farmer's Market Assistants

Estimated Start and End Date: April 4, 2017– Sept. 26, 2017

AmeriCorps Service Term: 900 Hours

Position Summary:

Real Food Farm is hiring five Mobile Farmer’s Market Assistants for the 2017 season. Mobile Farmer’s Market Assistants serve as the primary sales and delivery team for the farm. Assistants order produce, promote and run markets, and help with data tracking. Becoming a Mobile Farmer’s Market Assistant is a great way to learning about farming and food systems.

The Mobile Farmer’s Market Assistant position requires 40 hours per week during the length of their term.

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Mission Thrive Summer Crew Leader

Estimated Start and End Date: June 12, 2017 – August 4, 2017

AmeriCorps Service Term: 300 Hours

Position Summary:

We are seeking four vibrant, dedicated Crew Leaders to assist with creating a transformative experience for our participants. We hold high expectations for our teen participants in order to foster their potential and expect our Crew Leaders to be strong role models and mentors that promote healthy living and positive work ethic which are core parts of the program’s focus. Crew Leaders must be fully invested in the program for eight weeks (five weeks of the Mission Thrive Summer program in addition to two weeks of training prior and one week of wrap up after) and possess an enthusiasm for working with teens. While our program focuses on nutrition, cooking skills, agriculture, fitness and mindfulness, we do not require that Crew Leaders are experts in all realms, only that candidates are open to learning and engaging along with the participants. Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

This is an AmeriCorps position.  Crew Leaders are expected to serve 40 hours per week from June 12 –August 4. The AmeriCorps member will complete a 300 hour term over the course of the summer serving Baltimore’s communities. In return, the AmeriCorps member will receive skills training, a stipend of $250 biweekly and an education award of $1,230.69 that can be used for participating colleges, trade schools, or qualified student loan payments after completing 300 hours of service.  Surplus produce is available for all farm team members on a weekly basis. In order to be a Civic Works AmeriCorps member, you must be: at least 17 years old; a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident; and able to pass a drug test and sex offender registry check. As an AmeriCorps member, Crew Leaders cannot participate in political advocacy, religious instruction, clerical tasks, or fundraising while completing service hours.

For detailed prohibited activities go to the following link:

How to Apply:

To apply:
1)    Visit to login to create a myAmeriCorps account, search listings for Mission Thrive, and complete or submit your application.
2)    Send a cover letter and resume to with a subject heading of “Crew Leader Application 2017”. Be sure to address one of the following prompts in your cover letter.
a.    Describe a specific experience you have had as a role model or how you were a positive influence in someone’s life.
b.    Describe the role of food, nutrition, fitness/yoga, mindfulness and/or health in your life.
c.    Describe how being a Mission Thrive Crew Leader fits in to your long term career goals.

Applications are accepted until March 24, 2017 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until four (4) positions have been filled.

NOTE: If you are invited for a formal interview, you will have up to 10 minutes to set-up and present a mini-lesson or activity on a Health topic of your choosing. Lessons should be intended for a high school audience. You may present your lesson in any manner you would like without the use of any technology. Personal interviews will directly follow the lesson presentation.

Click here for full description and application directions (Click Mission Thrive Summer Crew Leader).


Some applications require the Civic Works Corpsmember Application.