Dear composters,

Starting 5/17/16 we will be renovating our compost collection and creation area. For the time being, we will not be able to take any compostable materials. So sorry for the inconvenience! We hope to have our new system up and running by early June. We recommend you contact Compost Cab for assistance in managing your compostables in the meantime. Please call us with any questions at 443-531-8346.


Dropping off compostable material:

Real Food Farm welcomes anyone and everyone with compostable scraps to drop them at our composting station at our Clifton Park site. Your veggie scraps help us create a rich, finished compost that helps rebuild and replenish our soils. We use compost instead of chemical fertilizers to enrich our farm’s soil, a common practice among sustainable farms that protects the watershed while producing healthy (and delicious!) fruits and vegetables! We encourage you to contribute to our system any time, any day, but please consult our list of what we can and cannot compost before dropping off your scraps (see below).

*Our compost drop is available to individuals and households ONLY. (We can only handle so much!) If you are a business interested in delivering compostables, please contact Myeasha to make arrangements.*

calling-all-compost11The drop off station:

Our drop-off station is located along the main path through the farm between the first three high tunnels and our greenhouses. The station consists of numerous white bins and a large blue pen, a system that allows us to separate different types of compostable materials – wet or dry – and control any odors coming from the wet materials as they start to decompose. Then, when we have the appropriate amounts of material, we mix everything together using the ideal ratio of dry (carbon!) and wet (nitrogen) to facilitate speedy composting! We currently have a passively-aerated, covered windrow system and are working to construct a forced-aeration, three-bay system (using straw bales) that will help speed up the process, churning out a fresh load of compost every 6-8 weeks.
Below you can find which items can and cannot be composted, and where to put each compostable items. Please note – we have a specialized worm bin (the large grey box you’ll notice behind the “Welcome to our compost drop-off” sign. Our worms have a special diet and are fed by our farmers, so please do not feed them your goods!

Put the following in the Blue Pen:

  • Fresh leaves, green plants, prunnings, hedge trimmings, grass clippings, old potted soil, straw and hay, dry leaves, and dead plants (Please, no diseased plants!)
  • Flower bouquets and dried flowers
  • Feathers
  • Nut shells and corn cobs
  • Wood ash and sawdust


Put the following in the White Barrels:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, and dry grains
  • Egg shells (please, no eggs!)
  • Brewery waste (hops and wet grain)

Do NOT attempt to compost the following:

  • Meat/fish bones or scraps
  • Egg whites/yolks, cheese, or any other dairy products
  • Fats, oils, and/or grease
  • Animal waste
  • Invasive weeds (kudzu, etc)
  • Weeds with seeds (they do bad deeds!)
  • Diseased plants
  • Dryer lint
  • “Compostable” bags (they aren’t compostable in our system), any kind of plates or utensils
  • Q-tips, band-aid wrappers, tissues
  • Non-organic materials (plastic, metal, glass, etc.)


When dropping off compost items for the blue pen, make sure all of your items are contained within the pen itself. When dropping off compost items into the white bins, please close the barrel with its lid after you are done putting your items inside. This keeps out nasty pests!

We are always interested in larger sources of organic material and manure. Again, for business and other large-scale drop-offs, please contact Myeasha to discuss first.

Compost-CabWe also happily receive drop-offs from Compost Cab, a program with a mind for sustainability that is making easier than ever for anyone and everyone to join in the composting movement. If you are interested in scheduling compost pick-up through Compost Cab, visit their website for more information.

Buying finished compost at Real Food Farm

Introducing Chesapeake Compost!

Real Food Farm is pleased to offer Chesapeake Compost Works signature “Chesapeake Compost,” available in bulk at our Clifton Park site. (Directions to the site can be found here.)


$40 per cubic yard

$27 per half cubic yard


Compost is available for pick up Tuesdays through Saturdays 9am-3pm by appointment. Email Bryan to schedule pick-up (or call us at 443-531-8346 if you don’t use email regularly!)

Please park in the front parking lot by our front high tunnels, then walk onto the farm to locate a farmer who will then direct you where to take your vehicle for loading. If you have trouble finding a farmer (but trust us…we’re probably around!) call 443-531-8346 and let us know you’ve arrived.

*We load by tractor, so we can only accommodate vehicles with open beds for easy loading. *

About the Product

Chesapeake Compost Works combines a variety of materials together to create a living soil that your plants will thrive in. Laboratory analysis of the product is available here. Chesapeake Compost is CCW’s original 100% multi-purpose compost, made from recycled brush, garden trimmings, and food scraps. If you’re interested in Chesapeake TopSoil, or Chesapeake Garden Mix, let us know! We may carry it in the future.