Community Programs


Compost Co-op

Real Food Farm welcomes anyone and everyone with compostable scraps to join our Compost Co-op at our Clifton Park site. Compost Co-op is a membership-based community composting organization partnered with the Institute for Local Self Reliance. We’re happy to answer any questions you have so please give us a call at 443-531-8346 or e-mail us at

For more details about the program click here.

Community Garden

Our community garden is located on our Perlman Place site at 1950 Perlman Place. Membership is free and open to Baltimore City residents on a first come first served basis. Please contact Raven Davis at 443.723.7139 for more information or visit us during Croppy Hour (Thursdays 4-7 PM April – November).

Click here for our online application.

Workshare Program

Our workshare programs is open to members in the community who want to share skills and grow various skills in urban organic farming. The workshare program is year round and open to all Baltimore residents including youth! As a member, for every 3 hours you work sharing your skills with the farm, you receive $30 credit to be redeemed at any Real Food Farm Mobile Farmer’s Market. Please see the application or contact Rodney Holman at  443-384-REAL(7325) for more information.

Click here for our online application.