Restaurants & Institutions

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Real Food Farm is proud to work with individuals and institutions who share an innovative mind-set and pride in being part of Baltimore’s food landscape. We sell to a variety of restaurants and institutions interested in purchasing local, sustainably-grown (no chemicals!) produce.

 Our partners









We offer our clients:

  • Real food harvested and delivered the same day
  • Seasonal buying opportunities
  • The recognizable Real Food Farm brand
  • Potential for restaurant-specific crop planning
  • The opportunity to show support for Baltimore’s growing urban agriculture movement

About the prices: Real Food Farm addresses unjust and unsustainable elements of Baltimore’s food system in part through community programming and neighborhood sales. Prices for restaurants and other institutions may differ from our community-based sales (schools, senior centers, etc.), but they are consistent with other urban-grown produce and are the same for any restaurant/institution interested in purchasing from us. Prices and availability may fluctuate during a season.

For further inquiries, a price list, and delivery options, please contact Gwen by emailing or by calling (410) 366-8533 ext 236.

Cover photo credit to one of our restaurant partners, Wellcrafted Pizza!