Our Team

We welcome any and all questions, feedback, and suggestions. All general inquiries can be sent to realfoodfarm@civicworks.com, but you may also contact one of us directly if you have a specific inquiry related to our role on the farm!


Clifton Field ManagerBryan Alexander
Growing practices, crop planning, harvest schedule, field prep & maintenance, volunteer opportunities

Community Market & Outreach CoordinatorCharlotte Proctor
Neighborhood markets & home deliveries, CSAs, restaurant/institution sales, community outreach

Education CoordinatorAliza Sollins
Curriculum, field trips, service learning, high school internships, summer youth jobs, agriculture workshops

Perlman Place Farm ManagerClayton Williams 
Growing practices,  field prep & maintenance, volunteer opportunities, community garden

Production Assistant – Jessie Scott
Field prep & maintenance, planting, harvest

AmeriCorps- Fall 2017

Farm Educators – Youth Crew, summer youth jobs, field trips, service learning, and agriculture workshops 

Omnia Azar
Darian Closson

Urban Farmer Assistants – Field prep & maintenance, planting, harvest, market stops, home deliveries, community outreach

Adrian Chapple
Troy Clay
Malik Cole
Tom Curtain
Latoya McIver
Dylan Moran
Tayvon Wilson
William Wisner-Carlson

Cover photo credit to Liz and Ryan.